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Who can join?

The Light Regional Public Library Service is a part of the South Australian Public Library Network ‘OneCard Network‘. That means you don’t need to be a local resident in the Light Region in order to join our libraries.

As a South Australian resident, you can join at any library within the State; you can borrow and return items at any library. Items do not have to be returned to the same library you borrowed them from. Membership of the OneCard network is completely FREE.

There are membership options for everyone; just come into one of our library branches and see a friendly staff member. If you just want electronic access, you can self register on our catalogue page.

South Australian resident – Adult (18 years and over)

When you come into the library to join, you need to bring a current form of identification with you. A suitable form of ID could include:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of ID card
  • Medicare card
  • Health care card
  • Pension card
  • Passport
  • Student ID

Your identification should include your full name, address and a photograph if possible.

South Australian resident – Child (under 18 years)

A borrower who is under 18 must have an adult guarantor with them when registering. The adult must provide ID and sign their membership with the understanding they are responsible for all items borrowed and any incurred debt on the child’s card.

If the proposed guarantor is a current member of the OneCard network, they cannot become a guarantor if they have outstanding debts above $30. The identification for the guarantor must meet the minimum requirements.

Internet access for those under 18 years old must be approved by the guarantor.

The adult guarantor will receive all correspondence relating to the child’s account, including overdue notices and notification of fines and / or fees associated with the account.

South Australian resident – Independent Teen

To ensure fair and equitable access to our library services, young adults that are living independently are able to register as library members subject to the following conditions:

  • Independent teens 16-18 years old must show a current Centrelink card or documentation that shows they’re living independently (e.g. tenancy agreement in their name);
  • Independent teens that are under the age of 16 years need to have a social welfare agency representative attend to assist them in applying for membership OR original associated documentation from their case worker on official letterhead.

Non South Australian resident – Temporary Membership

If you live outside of South Australia, you can be granted a temporary membership. This type of membership applies whether you live in another State or Territory of Australia, or are visiting from overseas.

A temporary membership allows you to borrow a maximum of five items at a time and will expire after three months. It also allows you to access the public WiFi networks available in most public libraries in South Australia.

Children and teenagers can also obtain a temporary membership card by following the same procedures outlined above for a child resident of South Australia.

Self Registration

You can register yourself online by visiting our online catalogue page. When you self-register you will be allocated a unique membership number that will give you full digital only access. You will be able to borrow electronic items, such as eBooks and eMagazines, as well as access public WiFi networks within the library.

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