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What is PressReader?

PressReader is the leading digital newspaper and magazine provider for premium content. It has over 7,000 publications from more than 100 countries and 60+ languages.

Many popular Australian titles are available, including Better Homes & Gardens, Gardening Australia, The Guardian, Vogue Australia, Women’s Weekly and Australian Men’s Health. There’s also many more titles available from around the world.

Library readers are able to customise their reading experience, gain international perspectives and engage in all manner of topics that might interest them through the use of bookmarks, sharing, translation and comments — all within the App.

SA Public Libraries Network readers will have access to the entire PressReader catalogue. 

New editions of newspapers and magazines are added to PressReader on the day of release. Publications are fully concurrent and simultaneous, with three months of back issues included. ​​

All titles are discoverable on the library’s catalogue with monthly updates.

User guides and help

Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

PressReader is asking me to pay for access. Isn’t it free?PressReader is completely free of charge for library members. Please ensure ‘HotSpots’ is enabled in the App/PC settings and that you signed in using the ‘Library or Group’ option and have entered your library card borrower number and PIN. Please refer to the ‘Getting Started Guide‘ above.
Can I suggest titles for PressReader?The PressReader team is always seeking to add new titles to its holdings. However, availability and access are up to the periodical’s publisher. Your requests and suggestions will be forwarded to PressReader, however we cannot control the available content. Please use this FORM to request a title.
Why aren’t there any South Australian newspapers on PressReader?News Corp own all of South Australia’s newspapers — The Advertiser, Sunday Mail and The Messenger (along with The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, Mercury and NT News). They have chosen not to licence their content to PressReader Australia.
Why isn’t the App working correctly on my device?Your phone or tablet may be outdated and not compatible with the App. Please ensure you have the latest operating system installed on your device, or access PressReader via your web browser.
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