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Answering questions with data

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

This course offers an overview of how to effectively collect and make sense of online data about your business.

It offers advice on how to develop a framework for identifying key questions to help guide data collection and establish goals and objectives to measure success.

Participants will develop an understanding of the functions of key digital marketing channels and how data can monitor customer behaviour inside these.

Who should attend?

  • Ages 18+
  • People who either own or are employed by a small business or enterprise

What will you learn?

  • You’ll determine important questions to ask about the online activity of your business
  • Gain an understanding of how to analyse data from your business website and how to monitor your customer traffic and behaviour
  • Build skills in using digital products and services to collect, analyse and interpret website data
  • Understand how data may be used to determine how engaged an online user is with a business and how deep the customer relationship goes
  • Develop an understanding of how data insights can help to attract and connect with customers online
  • Develop a sense of how to make the most of key marketing channels
  • Consider some of the goals or objectives used to measure the success of a business online


  • Owner or employee of a small business or enterprise
  • Low to medium business acumen
  • Already own or in process of establishing a business website
  • Medium level computer literacy
  • Strong understanding of social media
  • Strong understanding of how to use a computer

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

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