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Introduction to code

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

Intro to code is a five-part course which looks at what coding is in the real world and how everyday people can use it.

Throughout this hands-on course, participants are taken through a range of activities where they can begin to experiment with code and use it to create different things.

Participants will also gain an understanding of how skills in coding can lead to job opportunities.

Who is this course for?

  • People aged 12+
  • People with little to no experience in coding

What will you learn?

  • You’ll develop an understanding of how coding is used to build simple web apps and games, and what other devices, applications and services are powered by code
  • Practice key mindsets which are useful when learning code for the first time
  • Understand the basic principles of machine-learning
  • Understand the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other coding languages
  • Develop awareness of the ‘Internet of Things’
  • Learn about the process of ‘remixing’ and ‘hacking’ websites to build your understanding of code
  • Understand the importance of experimenting with code and learning through mistakes
  • Get a sense of the job opportunities that may be available to people with coding skills


  • Strong understanding of how to use a computer
  • Strong understanding of what the Internet is and Internet browsers
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

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