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Learn to use mySA Gov

The mySA Gov account provides access to transactions that require an extra level of confidentiality and security. The account currently provides for Registration and Licensing transactions, however in the future will be expanded to include transactions for other SA Government departments.

The mySA GOV account also links the user’s identity to the mySA GOV smartphone application, which provides a “digital wallet” that stores credentials such as a proof of age card, a driver’s licence or an occupational licence.

Who is this course for?

This Tech Savvy Seniors workshop is aimed at people aged 60+ who have a general understanding of their Android or Apple smart device (smartphone or tablet), or computer and who want to access South Australian Government services online.

For those that don’t yet have the level of knowledge required to get the most out of this course, Light Regional Public Library Service also offers beginner classes for learning about your Android Tablets (classes for iPads will be offered in the future) – check our course listing for times and dates.

What will you learn?

This session is designed to build your confidence in performing SA Government transactions online.

At the end of this session you will –

  • Have access to your own mySA Gov account
  • Be prepared to complete your own transactions online using the account
  • Be able to view a driver’s Licence on the mySA Gov app


All participants will need to have –

  • Previous experience navigating a web browser (e.g. Google, or Internet explorer)
  • Previous experience conducting any registration and/or licensing transaction with Service SA at a Customer Service Centre or over the phone

You will also need to have the following pieces of information with you in order to set up a mySA GOV account –

  • a driver’s licence or a proof of age card
  • a registration renewal for a vehicle in your name
  • an e mail address that you can access during the session

You will need to have a smartphone or tablet (either Apple or Android) to set up the mySA GOV smartphone App.

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

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