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Learning about Apps

Learn more about apps on your mobile device. Discover how they can help you, and have some fun! This course is suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

Who is this course for?

This Tech Savvy Seniors workshop is aimed at people aged 60+ who have a general understanding of their Android or Apple smart device (smartphone or tablet).

For those that don’t yet have the level of knowledge required to get the most out of this course, Light Regional Public Library Service also offers beginner classes for learning about your Android Tablets (classes for iPads will be offered in the future).

What will you learn?

During this workshop we’ll walk you through –

  • Developing a general understanding of apps and how they are used
  • Developing an understanding of personal accounts, eg Google accounts or Apple IDs, and their importance
  • Becoming familiar with how to connect to wifi networks and the difference between wifi and mobile data
  • Developing an understanding of different apps and how they use and connect to the internet
  • Developing an understanding of streaming and downloading data and the difference between them
  • Becoming familiar with the App and/or Play Stores and how to navigate them
  • Becoming familiar with downloading and installing apps
  • Understanding how to uninstall apps
  • Becoming familiar with safety and security on your mobile device


You’ll need to bring along your fully charged iPhone or iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet. You’ll also need to have details of all user accounts for your device (usernames and passwords).

Please note: this course is not suitable for computers or Windows mobile devices.

The latest course schedule is available on our online booking page.

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